What is absolution?

absolution began as the largest and most award-winning pilates studio in Los Angeles and has evolved into the ultimate playground for grown-ups and children alike. all of our courses are designed with hard-bodied fitness in mind, and our experience demonstrates fitness involves many aspects of well being.

SpySchool is our most requested and most extraordinary program. We swear by it. By enrolling in Spyschool, you will truly change from the inside-out, in ways which are difficult to describe. You’ll also be able to bring friends and family, and, have the time of your life.

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How does absolution work?

you can sign up for hard-core pilates workouts at absolution (we host the most comprehensive instructor training program in California for instructors and have instruction available for all budgets), we aim to change your perspective on fitness by offering courses you can’t take anywhere else, taught by the world’s most remarkable experts. Our courses range from how to do an erotic and powerful strip-tease to how to end a very bad date and get to safety. We are considered by many to be the most unusual and inspirational workout environment on the planet. We design fitness programs, private parties, and corporate workshops which make you more confident, more effective, more playful, relaxed and happy.