Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enroll in SpySchool. You’ll emerge with a bond-worthy body and a butt-kicking attitude.

We’ll teach you what you’d learn if you stepped out of your life and into the world of espionage; how to take out an assailantclimb up a building, rappel off a thirty foot cliff, get what you want, make decisions, push yourself, set boundaries, and of course we cover obvious spy skills, like firing a weapon and how to change your look with wigs and makeup.

SpySchool includes a full-body transformation, more effective and more fun than going to the gym, but it doesn’t stop there. Your SpySchool skills will bleed into your everyday life. You’ll be more effective, more confident, and more self-assured. You’ll become a more relaxed version of yourself, capable of staying calm in a crisis. You’ll be able to make split-second decisions and react appropriately during all kinds of scenarios…a tough business negotiation, on a bad date, in an argument with a loved one, while setting limits with your children. You will become able to handle a higher level of stress, both physically and mentally, than you could before you began our program.

It doesn’t matter if you are already athletic, if you used to be an athlete, or have never worked out a day in your life. If you’re looking for the ultimate workout, we will amuse you, amaze you, and kick your ass.

A fantastic gift for:

your quiet and subdued friend. Those are the ones that really seem to eat this up. Click the button below to request your gift certificates.