Corporate Workshops & Private Parties

How do you like your staff events?
Shaken, not stirred?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to absorb everything a spy knows , to come out a few hours later with a bond-physique and a butt-kicking attitude.

Our multiple award-winning programs have been created for the most timid of secret agents as well as the most daring assassins. SpySchool uses expert instructors in everything from pole dancing to teaching how to load and fire a glock .45. Courses emphasize teamwork, challenge, and skill building, so participants walk away with skills which can be applied in the real world, absorbed using the fantasy of espionage as well as carefully designed adrenaline state training techniques created to encourage rapid learning, as well as immediate and profound changes in habits and beliefs.

At SpySchool we’ll teach you how to take out an assailant, climb up a wall, rappel off a thirty foot building, or shimmy your way out of a tricky date, not to mention the obvious, like learning to fire a gun and how to completely change your look with wigs and makeup. Either way, everyone at the office will wonder why you are smiling and about the secret life you must be leading to look so good.


*All private, duet, and workshop classes are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. We are dedicated to personalized attention and keeping classes small. Reservations are highly recommended for all our workshops and classes.